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tv   Bestsellers 0121  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 10:57pm-11:01pm EST

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plus the thank you very much. he. >> guest: thank you very much. it's been a pleasure. >> host: it really has been a pleasure. it was great.
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>> there are things that are affecting our politics and you know the way that things get changed in this country, i mean there are many many plays and things get. my favorite example is we are in new york and everybody is probably familiar with governor andrew cuomo and how hard andrew cuomo fought against raising the minimum wage right up until the moment he decided he wanted to take credit for it. >> it wasn't his idea? >> oh no wasn't his idea. you had a confluence of factors there. yet a movement that started in new york and the first protest i went was right down the street here on the mall. you also had, we should be real he was under investigation and looking for some friends but like these things work and we now have an increase in minimum
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wage that will eventually get to $15 an hour where new york state is -- state. something that was unthinkable two years ago. ..


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